WriteWalls self adhesive film

WriteWalls Global, WriteLite Dry Erase Adhesive Film


About WriteLite

WriteLite dry erase film features a high gloss finish ideal for frequent dry erase use. WriteLite is a unique architectural finish with a writable and erasable surface that can be used to convert interior surfaces into creative, collaborative environments. WriteLite has an acrylic adhesive that allows installation to a wide variety of smooth substrates and easy application.

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  • Self adhesive film
  • Suitable for all collaborative writing needs
  • Perfect solution for healthcare, education, hospitality and corporate installations
  • Flexible roll goods suitable for installation on curved substrates and columns


  • Apply only to substrates with a smooth surface, such as flat metal panels or baked painted steel panels. Application to other very smooth substrates may be possible
  • Horizontal installation provides a seamless writing surface across full walls and rooms


  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Easy to erase
  • Flexible, durable polyester film